Basic Hair Color 

$65 & up

Basic hair color is a single process color applied at the roots.


Few Foils $5each (10max)
Partial $85 &up / Full $100 &up

 Few Foils are for those who just want to brighten up a little around the face or create a dramatic statement piece. Partial highlights are usually placed around your face and on top of your head for a brightening and framing effect.  Full Highlights are exactly that a full head! (depending on how much hair you have and product used effects the price)


$250 &up

Balayage consists of a freehand technique in which sections are taken and hand painted.  ( Since all balayage is subject to change we request a consultation prior to service to discuss what to expect and pricing )


With color service $20
Without color service $30

Toners are used in a variety of ways.  To tone after highlighting service or to color hair in a non-permanent way.  Toners do fade out over time.  ( Just toners done by themselves do not include a blow dry. )




Womans Cuts

Stylist $50
Junior Stylist $30

Men's Cuts

Stylist $25
Junior Stylist $15

Kids Cuts

Stylist $20 &up
Junior Stylist $10&up

Blow Drys 


+25 for Curling Iron

+10 for Flat Iron

+10 Braid